Feilding Farmers’ Market with Hester Guy


Next in the Farmers’ Market line-up was Feilding Farmers’ Market, and a fantastic (and funny!) cooking demo with Hester Guy (of Hester Guy Catering). It was another beautiful day, and Fielding was also holding its show day, so there was a lot going on for a Friday morning! Between Hesters jokes and Tony Chestnut I was laughing all morning, so I would definitely recommend visiting if you ever have the opportunity.

Hester: “These recipes are only a guide as so much depends what is available on the day. I try to use local products and just adapt everything.”

Salad of Smoked Chicken with apple, celery and tamarillo vinegar glaze.

For the salad you will need 1 smoked chicken breast, sliced on a diagonal, 2 stalks celery, peeled and cut on a fine diagonal, 1 red skinned apple(Benefield’s Orchard) cut in wedges and finely sliced, a handful of toasted cashew nuts or almonds (Tony Chestnut) and some chopped parsley.

Layer the ingredients on a large platter and drizzle with a squeeze of lemon juice and season lightly with New Zealand sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Finish with a swirl of extra virgin olive and for the piece de resistance, spoon over some tamarillo vinegar available from Eclectic Country.

I have made raspberry vinegar in the past and the tamarillo vinegar has the same fresh light flavour that enhances the style of today’s cooking so well.

Roasted Asparagus served with Lardons of Crisp Bacon and garnished with Quail’s Eggs.

Snap the ends from the asparagus and toss in New Zealand sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and a generous squeeze of lemon. Oven roast in a single layer in a preheated oven about 180°C about 5 minutes. Meanwhile cut the bacon (Bulls Bacon) into strips and fry in a heavy based pan until crisp. Remove and drain. In the remaining fat from the bacon, gently fry quails’ eggs, spooning over the bacon fat until the eggs are just cooked. Arrange the asparagus on a platter, sprinkle with bacon and then top with the fried quail’s eggs. Serve with a loaf of bread made from kamut, an ancient grain, which has a fine texture and a nutty flavour (Wholegrain Organics).

Pan fried Snapper served over lettuce, garnished with lemon and dill, finished with Lime and Chilli Dressing.

Firstly cut the snapper into medallions and pan fry in oil. Always cook the first side longer so the second side takes but a couple of minutes. Serve over fresh watercress or blanched asparagus.  Finish the dish with a quick glaze made by deglazing the pan with water, adding a generous dash of Chilli and Lime dressing (Eclectic Country), reducing the two together  over a high heat, and then adding a generous dollop of butter to enrich the sauce. Spoon over the sauce and sprinkle with dill and shredded lemon rind just prior to serving.

Sauteed Breast of Chicken served on a Bed of Roasted Parsnips, Broccoli with Chili and Capsicum Glaze.

After blanching the parsnips, they were then oven roasted in butter. The broccoli too was blanched, then refreshed and put aside. Meanwhile split a chicken breast (Chitz Chicken) in half sideways to give you two thin pieces of breast from each breast. Gently sauté in a preheated pan in a little butter or olive oil. Once the chicken is cooked, remove and let rest for five minutes before slicing on a diagonal. Casually place the sliced chicken, parsnips and broccoli on a platter. Drizzle with Chilli and Capsicum sauce (Eclectic Country) and sprinkle generously with herbs freshly chopped.

Stir fried Venison (or ostrich) with Sautéed Leeks and Watercress served over Pasta.

The leeks were first thinly sliced and gently oven roasted to bring out their natural sweetness. The pasta was cooked, drained with a tablespoon of cooking liquor reserved to encourage the sauce.

The venison was trimmed and cut into small steaks (Edelweiss Smallgoods Ltd). Sear over a high heat until barely cooked through, remove from the pan and let rest for at least 5 minutes before serving. Deglaze the pan with a slosh of red wine (Paulownia Estate) and then add a good dash of tamarillo chutney or plum sauce. Add the leeks to the cooked pasta, with the reserved liquor, the washed and trimmed watercress, and lots of chopped herbs. Place the steaks over the top of the leek pasta and finally spoon over the sauce.

Catch you all next time in Whanganui! -Kylie + Blair-

Terry Parks’ Kumara and Tangello Salad


Our visit to Farmers’ Market Taranaki started off with a few unexpected surprises! Brett McGregor had a last minute accident meaning he couldn’t make it, and meaning we had to find another chef at the last minute – luckily, Market Manager Eryn was able to convince Terry Parks from the Nice Hotel to come down and fill in! Once again, many, many thanks to Terry for saving us at such late notice!
Terry was kind enough to step in at the last minute, ridiculously early on a Sunday morning, and between him and his friends we got to sample some delicious fresh food! Making the most of the produce on offer at Farmers’ Market Taranaki, they put together a huge variety of food. We had yet another incredible day at the Market despite all the last minute changes – The sun was shining (long may this good weather trend continue- touch wood!) The All Blacks had also just won, which meant everyone was in a very good mood 🙂

The Kumara Salad was my person favourite: delicious and simple, and definitely something I will be tackling over summer! Check out the video for all the details, as well as some of the days hilarity:

Kumara and Tangello Salad, with Toasted Coconut and Spiced Broad Beans.

INGREDIENTS – Quantities to Taste

– Kumara (Awatotara Kumara)

– Curly Kale, sliced (Natural Lea)

– Tangellos (Natural Lea)

– Radishes (Longlife Farm)

– Coconut Flakes

– Dried Spiced Broad Beans

– 2 Tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce


– boil whole peeled kumara, being careful not to overcook them (otherwise they will fall apart!)

– Chop Kumara into bite size peices

– Toast Coconut in a dry pan,  until brown (check out the photo above)

– Peel and chop Tangellos, combine with chopped Kumara, sliced Kale, sweet chilli sauce and dried broad beans.

– Enjoy!

Many Thanks to the team at Farmers’ Market Taranaki!  See you all next time when we visit Fielding Farmers’ Market. -Kylie + Blair-

Behind the Scenes


We thought you might like a quick look at what has been going on behind the scenes of the Out Standing roadshow over the last few weeks, so here are some pictures that sum it up… be sure to check out our lighting speed set-up in the video! We have had summer days, pouring rain, snow, sunrises, late nights and everything in between, and its been fantastic. Check back soon for our visit to Farmers’ Market Taranaki 🙂 -Kylie + Blair-





Wairarapa Farmers’ Market with Marc Soper


Wairarapa Farmers’ Market Guest post and photos by Good Food in a Crap Kitchen blogger, Stephen Garrett.

It was an early start for us last Saturday (well early for a weekend). We drove up to Masterton to check out the market and see the cooking demo put on by Marc Soper. The drive was pleasant and the weather got hotter and hotter as we headed north.

The market was quite intimate with about twelve stalls, so the tour didn’t take too long to see what was on offer. Small as it was there was a great selection of quality produce, excellent vegetables, rare breed pork, mouth watering breads, cheeses, olive oils, wines, preserves and so much more.

It may not of taken long to walk around and see each stall, but the warmth and friendliness of the stall holders meant you spent time discussing  their produce, instead of the Wellington market mindset, grab what you need and push your way through a crowd to pay.

We had already a small bounty when Marc put on his first demo, Spätzle with Lamb loin finished with a pinot noir/olive oil syrup. He had a nifty little tool for scraping the Spätzle in to the boiling water, I have to get my hands on one, I usually use my potato ricer which isn’t the best. I love love love Spätzle and blue cheese and this dish had both. Luckily for me Sophie doesn’t like the cheese so much, so more for me!

Recipes from Wellington Chef of the Capital Marc Soper:

Pan fried Wairarapa Suffolk lamb with farm fresh sheep’s milk and free range egg spätzli, new season asparagus with sheep’s milk blue cheese and pinot syrup

Serves 4


Heat pan, and add a splash of oil.
Season both sides of lamb, and place in pan, color and turn over and cook in oven till
medium. Remove and rest 4 minutes to allow meat juices to move evenly throughout

Spätzli (German style pasta)

Place all dry ingredients into a mixer, add wet ingredients and mix. If too wet add more flour, and if too dry add more milk.
Have boiling water ready on stove and place mixture into a bowl with small holes, push through in batches into the boiling water, when it floats to the top leave for a minute and then remove and cool in cold water and drain.

To cook the spätzli, heat oil in a suitable pan, add the spätzli and toss in pan, chop up the asparagus and break up the cheese and add to spätzli, season lightly.

Pinot syrup

Heat the pinot and reduce by half with the honey till syrupy. Add olive oil and mix, and add salt to taste.

To Serve:

Place spätzli on the plate with the cheese and asparagus.
Slice lamb and serve on top and spoon over the syrup.

Serve with your favorite farmer’s market green salad.


During the break between demos we did a bit more shopping, on the other side of the market this time, picking up some fruit (some of the best grapefruit I’ve tasted in a while, ripped open and eaten fresh right there and then)

The Second demo was a Wanton with a filling of Kale and Blue cheese with smoked garlic served  on a Fennel and apple salad. These were really tasty and so easy to put together. They would be great for party finger food, and has found a spot in my recipe collection.

Kingsmeade Sheep’s milk blue cheese and organic kale wanton, new season asparagus and smoked garlic with fennel and organic apple salad and fresh lemon dressing

Serves 4


Heat oil in pan; add kale and sauté till soft. Chop roughly.
Mix with blue cheese and taste for seasoning.
Place wanton wrappers on bench, and place spoonfuls in centre of each square, then brush all edges with some water, and fold over from corner to corner to seal, removing air as you go.
Place on tray with some olive oil and bake in oven 5 minutes at 160 Degrees.

Lemon Dressing

Mix all together and add salt to taste

Heat pan and add a splash of olive oil, add asparagus and pan fry a little just till softened.
Season lightly and keep warm.
Make a salad with finely sliced fennel and finely sliced apple and mix a little olive oil and seasoning into the salad, also you can add some fennel foliage if desired.
Mix together.

To serve:

Arrange the asparagus on plates, and then put wantons on top, scatter with the garlic, and
top with fennel and apple salad.
Spoon over and around the dressing.

Happy eating!!!


We will be back to Masterton for this market, it’s a great day out of the city.

– – –

– Thanks so much for coming by Stephen, it was great to have you there! And its definitely a very sweet market, the perfect setting really. We were amazed by Marcs’ spätzli, definitely something new and delicious that I may need to attempt one day…  Many thanks to John and all the Wairarapa Farmers’ Market team for a great day. Check out the videos below, and we will catch you all next time when we visit Farmers’ Market Taranaki.

– Kylie + Blair –

Nelson Farmers’ Market with Jan Bilton and Chris Fortune


Nelson Farmers’ Market put on a beautiful day for us, very sunny and entertaining! And just a little bit warmer than Methven had been… Nelson is one of the few mid-week  markets in the country, and it was great to see people popping by for some, fresh, seasonal food on their lunchbreak, and getting to try some of the delicious Out Standing samples from our chefs!

Jan Bilton was one of our Out Standing chefs for the day, and she showed me a new way with dukkah – I can’t say it had ever occured to me to use it as a crumb for meat! Check out Jan’s Dukkah coated Gurnard with Celeriac and Potato Mash here:

Jan Bilton’s Dukkah-dusted fish

serves 2

  • 300 g Fresh White Fish Fillets
  • 50 g Macadamia nut dukkah
  • 200 g Celeriac
  • 100 g Potato
  • 40 ml Hazelnut oil

Dice the celeriac and potato and cook in boiling salted water for approx 10 mins, coat the fish fillets Macadamia Nut dukkah and pan fry in hazelnut oil for just 2 mins per side. Drain the celeriac and mash together, spooning onto your serving plate with fish fillets ontop, garnish with Italian parsley and a drizzle of Local olive oil.

I think this was the most flavourful fish I have ever tasted – Jan, you have definitely got another convert! Chris Fortune also put in an appearance, demonstrating a Chorizo, Apple and Salsify Salad: I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure what on earth a Salsify was, but having tried it I can definitely recommend giving it a try. Think of it as the slightly unattractive cousin of your common parsnip 🙂

Check out the video for the full details on Chris’s Salad below:

Chris Fortune’s Chorizo, apple & salsify salad

  • 150 g Salsify
  • 100 g Florence Fennel
  • 1 Lemon
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 50 g Black Olives
  • 100 g Granny Smith Apples
  • 20 g Italian Parsley
  • 150 g Chorizo
Peel and blanch the salsify for 2 mins and refresh in cold water, shave the fennel bulb with a potato peeler and squeeze in juice of one lemon, pit olives and chop roughly.  Add to fennel.  Peel the apples and slice thickly with the Chorizo, pan-fry in a hot pan, add chopped parsley and season.   Serve on top of the fennel salad and drizzle with a little olive oil and finish with salsify.

Thanks for stopping by, we will see you all next time when we visit Wairarapa Farmers’ Market. Till then, happy cooking! – Kylie + Blair+

Tony Smiths Spring Salads at Methven Farmers’ Market


Following our morning at Oxford Farmers’ Market, we packed up and drove as fast as our little trailer would let us (ie. 70kph…) to Methven for a special evening Farmers’ Market. It was getting late, it was getting dark, and their petrol was horribly over-priced, but talk about the view! I think Methven Farmers’ Market must have the best views in the country.

Tony Smith was our Out Standing Methven chef, whipping up some fresh seasonal salads in no time at all. Both of these salads used fresh vegetables, teamed up with a simple dressing and some delicous smoked meats from Fat Alberts Smokehouse – a really great combo, that could easily be adapted to suit whatever you discover at your local Farmers’ Market this weekend.

Tony is a great local food advocate, and it was great to have him involved, showing the Methven crowd how simple and effective local cooking can be. “The vegetables I used were all Canterbury’s Tuahiwi Gardens Organic”. Many thanks to Tony and all the Methven Farmers’ Market team for making it such a great evening. Check out the video and recipes below, and give it a try! We would love to hear how you go 🙂

Two Warm Farmer’s Market Spring salads

to serve four

Smoked Salmon salad

Prepare all of your ingredients ahead of time, mix a nice salad with an interesting mix of leaves and herbs that you have on hand or you have discovered at your local farmers market.

Boil and cook the potatoes, let them cool in the boiling water. Cook the asparagus keeping it crisp. Cool and cut into thirds.

Make a dressing by whisking together the mustard, vinegar and honey, drizzle in the olive oil whisking continually until you have a nice creamy dressing, season to taste.

When ready to serve, slice and warm the potatoes, salmon, and asparagus, place a layer of potatoes and salad onto four plates, and alternatively place on the warmed ingredients, more salad leaves, croutons etc until you have used up your preparations. Spoon over the dressing, place some teaspoons of beetroot relish around the plate and grate some fresh horseradish over the whole salad.

Smoked Duck Breast salad

Prepare all of your ingredients ahead of time, mix a nice salad with an interesting mix of leaves and herbs that you have on hand or you have discovered at your local farmers market.

Boil and cook the potatoes, cool and cut into ½ cm cylinders.

Make a dressing by whisking together the mustard, vinegar and honey, drizzle in the olive oil whisking continually until you have a nice creamy dressing, season to taste.

When ready to serve, place the duck breasts into a frying pan skin side down and fry gently until skin is nicely coloured and and crisp, turn over and heat other side. Take them out of the pan and keep them in a warm place. Add the potatoes to the same pan, frying them in the residue duck fat, drain onto kitchen paper.

Place a layer of potatoes and salad onto four plates, carve the duck into thin slices, and alternatively place onto the plate in layers, along with more salad leaves, croutons etc until you have used up your preparations. Spoon over the dressing, place some teaspoons of chilli and capsicum jam around the plate.

Farmer’s Market Provençe style sauté

The vegetables you use for this are the best you find at your local market, the mix is up to you. Use the recipe as a guide. Small beets, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, black radish etc all work well and make a really interesting mix. By themselves a wonderful vegetarian dish. Vegetable greens and nuts can be added at the end of the cooking time to liven up a vegetarian version.

  • 500g Tender meat cut, lamb loin / rump or Pork loin / fillet (Turnbull’s Meat)
  • One chorizo sausage (Fat Albert’s)
  • 50mls olive oil (Southlea Olives)
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • 150g small gold beets
  • 150g new carrots,
  • 100g shallots
  • 2 fennel bulbs
  • 150g courgettes
  • 100g cherry tomatoes
  • 2 fresh bay leaves
  • Fresh thyme or rosemary
  • 10g gravy mix
  • a handful of small wild rocket leaves
  • Mint and rosemary sauce if lamb, rhubarb and ginger if pork (Canterbury Country Kitchen)
  • Extra Olive oil and seasoning for cooking.

Cut the vegetables into ½ finger size pieces; keep separate as the cooking times can be quite different.

Put the olive oil into a wide shallow saucepan, place in first the beets, garlic and shallots bay and thyme, turn up the heat until they are gently frying, cover. What we want to do is sort of ‘pot-roast’ the vegetables and you will need to use your own judgment on timing, if they look like they’re browning too much add a splash of water. When the first vegetables start to soften a little add the carrots and fennel, when they are softening add the courgettes, and when all cooked, the tomatoes.
Cut the meat into thumb sized pieces, season and add some chopped thyme or rosemary. Sauté the pieces until just cooked through.

Place the vegetables onto 4 plates and serve the sautéed meat pieces and sliced chorizo on top. A simple pan gravy can be made from the meat pan juices and spooned over if you desire. Scatter some small rocket leaves over each plate, then spoon around a couple of teaspoons of appropriate chutney onto each portion.

Oxford Farmers’ Market with Phil Keen


Oxford Farmers’ Market put on another stunning day for us (we have had awesome luck with the weather so far – touch wood!) The producers went all out as well, with some of the most beautiful produce I have seen yet…

Phil Keen was our Out Standing chef for the day, and he cooked up a Farmers’ Market spectacular with all of the products which he wandered around the Market and found, just half an hour beforehand. I still can’t wrap my head around how these amazing men and women can cook such incredible food at such short notice – although I am slowly learning (they’re very good influences on my fledgling culinary skills)

Phil battled both the elements and our pint-sized kitchen to put up a roast rack of Cressy Farm pork, no mean feat in an oven thats about the size of a shoe box 🙂 He also fried some Willow View Agria potatoes in bacon speck… someone really needs to invent smell-o-vision. I dont even know where to start describing them. Hopefully the photo conveys just how crisp and fluffy these things were!

My personal favourite was the Leek and Capsicum coulis that Phil put together in about 5 minutes flat, almost entirely from fresh and seasonal veggies – and you could taste the definitely taste the difference. So full of flavour, so simple, and I swear I could eat it by the bowlful!

There is just no arguing with ingredients this good. If you’re ever in the area and looking for fresh fruit and veges, I can definitely recommend Grown – their fresh fruit juices are incredible. Local cheesmakers Gruff Junction also does great goats cheese, in this case a fennel-infused Gouda which Phil put through a Springbank Green Salad, an absolute top-notch combo.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we had the one and only Richard Lowe pop by to MC the event – turns out this Rugby Great is also a very entertaining speaker!

The crowd were definitely engrossed in Phils cooking, as well as his and Richards hilarious rugby commentary: there was certainly something for everyone when Out Standing in their Fields came to Oxford!

Enough from me, check out the all the action below in another of Blairs fantastic videos:

A huge thanks to Toni, Alex and all the Oxford Farmers’ Market team: couldn’t have done it without you! And of course, a huge thanks to our Out Standing chef Phil Keen and an Out Standing MC, Richard Lowe! We finished off our day driving to Methven Farmers’ Market and doing it all over again, kicking of their season with a special one-off night Market: stay tuned for all the details! -Kylie + Blair –