Chris Fortune’s Gnocchi with Shallot and Preserved Lemon Salsa


Looks incredible, right? I bet you’re thinking just how tasty that would be.  And I also bet you’re thinking something along the lines of: “I know what Gnocchi is.. no way I’m trying this one. Waaay too hard to cook!”

I definitely used to think the same thing about Gnocchi, but after watching Chris Fortune simplify the process it doesn’t seem so hard after all! Check out the video here for all the tips and tricks direct from the man himself:

500g Desiree potatoes
50g butter
150g flour
2 whole free-range eggs, whisked
100g watercress leaves
  • Peel and chop potatoes and boil in salted water unitl soft.
  • Drain, then add butter, mash or place through a ricer or mouli for a lump-free mixture and leave to cool.
  • Add flour and whisked eggs and mix to form a dough.
  • On a clean bench, knead until smooth and soft. Roll doughly into small, skinny cigar shages, then cut into 1.5cm-thick slices. Dust gnocchi with flour as you work so it doesn’t stick to bench.
  • Poach gently in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, or until they rise to the surface. then remove with a slotted spoon to serving plates garnished with watercress.
Shallot and Garlic  Salsa 
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
50ml extra virgin olive oil
1 preserved lemon, skin only, finely sliced
Juice of 1 lemon
Garden Herbs (Chris used parsley this time)
  • Sweat off shallots and garlic in some of the olive oil. When softened, set aside to cool.
  • Toss through lemon juice, preserved lemons, herbs and remaining extra virgin olive oil.
Serve warm gnocchi with salsa spooned over the top.
– – –

Now that definitely looks like something new to try in the kitchen – Give it a whirl, and let me know how you go – anyone brave enough to send us a picture of their own attempt, perhaps? We are heading off to Dunedin today, getting prepared for the Otago Farmers’ Market Cook-off – if you are in the area, make sure to stop by, check out the action and say hi!

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