Almost kick-off time…


The kitchen is complete, the bags are packed and the petrol tank is full – almost time to hit the road! The excitement is finally kicking in… I can’t wait to see some of the countries best Farmers’ Markets in action, with some of the best kiwi chefs around. YUM! Before I get too distracted by the thought of all the delicious, seasonal food that’s going to be on offer, a lot of you are probably wondering what-on-earth Out Standing in their Fields actually is…

Taking things literally...

Farmers’ Markets New Zealand is pleased to present a national series of FREE Farmers’ Market cooking and producer demonstrations – shining the light on the very best of local Farmers’ Market food. We are a travelling mobile kitchen, pulling into Farmers’ Markets nationwide and teaming up with great kiwi chefs to make the very best of the seasonal food – what more could you ask for?! If you’d like to be a Market VIP for the day to win great prizes, a chance to schmooze with your local chef, and preferential tastings, make sure you enter the draw!

Our bright and shiny new kitchen is all ready to go (any bets on how shiny it’s going to be after two months on the road?) and we have been patiently waiting to kick things off with our first demo at Marlborough Farmers’ Market on Sunday, September 4th – recipes to follow!

In the mean time, check out a tiny taste of the video blogs that Blair will be creating along the way – your one-stop shop for all the Farmers’ Market action and recipes you could hope for!  See you next time

About Out Standing in their Fields

Hi! Welcome to Out Standing in their Fields, a national tour of FREE Farmers' Market cooking demonstrations. This Blog is about our journey, and the great food and people we have encountered along the way. Check out some of Blairs great videos for all the details, as well as some delicious recipes. Cheers for stopping by! - Blair Kylie -

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